One uses a 5 gallon bucket the
other a 15 gallon bucket

Mixing cement by hand is not my idea of a fun job. Neither do I enjoy having to buy a minimum of two years of pre-mix when I only need a half yard. So to beat both the labor and cost we designed two mini-mixers. Both are powered by old electric ¼ hp to 1/3hp washing machine motors. One mixer features a 5 gallon mixing bucket (but can handle a 10 gallon bucket) and the other a 15 gallon bucket. The mixer with a 5 gallon bucket can get by without any welding as it is built using rivets and bolts. The mixer with  a 15 gallon bucket does require light welding. The 5 gallon will produce about 1/3 cubic foot of concrete per batch and the 15 gallon can produce about one cubic foot per batch. One uses bicycle sprockets and chain the other uses a recycled auto starter pinion, ring gear and wheel hub and spindle for the drives. You will probably spend a little time at the auto junk yard or a bicycle repair shop looking for parts. But, that sure beats breaking your back mixing cement.
Plans include both pictures,
photos and precision drawings

Concrete Mixers
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